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王某某86年兰州西固区人|东莞企业网Chapter 20 cut must abandon the robe"Back to the city!" D nodded, stormed, also just consume troops, or after consulting with Mr Li, to do the deliberations.Wei Yan is ambitious, but they also have the brains and abilities to sustain their ambitions, Although compared with Cao Cao, Lyu3 bu4 now can only calculate a small shrimp, "that numb of small generals is small, But it is for this reason that, I just have the opportunity to lead an army, and the lyu3 bu4 put his hands to early follow the tube hai or has been a famous embroidery, and promote himself as an army chief, enough to see lyu3 bu4 know how to use, now a decentralization book, although there is no consolation, is to tell wei yan directly with practical action, I believe you.

Although it is now spring, but the northwest is still not warm, such a bubble in the river, even if not killed on the spot, I'm afraid also can't get to Hanoi."Kill it! Kill it! Don't run away!" Liu gan panic with the huns roared, however, the fear of emotion with lyu3 bu4 charge, like a virus spread in the huns, in the face of lyu3 bu4 monstrous prestige, let liu gan how to beat and scold, also can't stop deserters constantly appear."What?" D eyes flashed a touch of shock, a grab from the hand of pound sheepskin scroll, quickly looked down, for a long time, just took a deep breath, looked at marotta, put away the shock of color, sink a track: "Is the news reliable?"王某某86年兰州西固区人|"Roar ~" Ma Tie was wounded by an arrow, but the blood in his bones was inspired, roar, saber monarch a fierce fighting spirit, unexpectedly will larocca potential in a must-have shot swung open.

王某某86年兰州西固区人|Although know each other's target is lyu3 bu4, But MiaoShang heart is still perturbed, afraid of being zhong yao to find their secrets, good, zhong yao soon close to xinfeng control of the war, let MiaoShang relieved, but unfortunately not long, this is just a few days, suddenly came the news of someone wandering in hanoi, let MiaoShang more frightened, led by general, unexpectedly is lyu3 bu4! ! !"Heavy wave!" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, party day painting ji suddenly accelerated, in the air row after row of remnants."Go!" The crowd suddenly sounded a violent drink, giffin with XiongKuoHai, pressure a thin man from behind the crowd, smiling at lyu3 bu4: "master, accidentally met an acquaintance? If not surprise, and the courage of male general, tonight is even difficult to catch this person!"

Princess Wannian?Xun yu didn't speak, just nodded, admitted the country's point of view, zhong yao is second, the most important, or then lyu3 bu4 attitude, cao cao obviously don't want to see lyu3 bu4 figure on the battlefield, if lyu3 bu4 really turn to help lombardi, that for cao cao, it is a disaster."What?" Xiong broad sea puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.王某某86年兰州西固区人|





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