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82zzz|陕西融和集团Wei yan frowned, the law is right, some too much?When sun ce, he single-handedly, although sun quan from think to do very secretive, but whenever faced with zhou yu, sun quan had the feeling, zhou yu know this matter, not why, may be have a guilty conscience, also may be other reasons, sun quan has been all dare not to face the week yu, also as a result, zhou yu station troops wood mulberry, never come back again, a few years sun quan also.

"Yes." With a sneer, liu looked at pang tong: "don't get close to the general"Well, my father is not feeling well recently, and I want to go back to my mother's home tomorrow." After all, my husband has been in the army for a long time, rarely back, but he is not able to accompany around, some heartZhuge liang is best at, in fact, is outside the battlefield of victory and defeat, now pang tong has just decided to shu zhong, ma su thought, this is an opportunity.82zzz|Since will liu DHS, the first step, first of all to sweep the floor, his majesty so, pang tong not hesitate letting ZhuoYang spamming homicides, in front of so many people, obviously was a military career is the generals in the face of it, if liu DHS censure ZhuoYang because of this, even to kill him, that the next step, pang tong will use this big account, the power of the people to protect the ZhuoYang, that liu DHS is a little face lining is gone, but the pang tong

82zzz|"I'm not kidding!"Mr. Pang, it's not that I don't understand." A general of shu said with a bitter smile, "this is only the policy of hou, the champion. "This kind of thing, pang tong nature won't take out to come and go to blow a heart, just emphasize ceaselessly, lv bu gives the road that offers, actually want to be compared them to rely on the tax inside the field that dot is strong too much, give everybody a picture cake first, solved trouble at home, the following thing is natural and close to do a lot of.

"Who is the jiangzhou general?" Pang tong asked deng xian."General zhang! Suddenly, he let go of his hand and looked at zhang ren and sneeringly said, "I respect you, but until now, no matter how things go, I have to hand liu zhang dog thief, the heart of the army has moved, this is the sin of liu zhang himself, general zhang would not, we will not force, but this army, but notAt the same time, cao cao, who had returned to xingyang, received a message from liu bei that liu bei was going to retreat.82zzz|




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