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绫瀬しおり|果珍瘦See lyu3 bu4 banned the army into the city, at the gate of a gang of soldiers finally relieved, so many people if into the city, even if lyu3 bu4 governance again strict, also inevitably conflict, lyu3 bu4 so, one to show to the people of jinyang with sincerity, two also absolutely possible conflict."Yes!" As if made a great determination, lyu3 bu4 gritted his teeth: "but you must promise me, my three hundred people belong to me only, will not be disbanded for any reason, in addition, my tribe must also be preserved, even now only a group of women, he also belongs to my tribe, king court must be sheltered!""Huh ~"

"Master, the old male is not even before your account." Male broad sea if purple gold, if the air, looking at lyu3 bu4, bitterly laughed."Die!" Go to jin zhitu eyes flashed a ruthless, hands of the mace is a stick, xianbei generals haven't had time to react, was smashed bones and muscles, vomiting blood poured out.Of course, also just complain, to say the truth, not yet, lyu3 bu4 has ordered the armed forces, wei yan leapt into guarding the river of general, this makes wei yan very excited, general, after all, to get merit on the battlefield.绫瀬しおり|Only two thousand defenders and Korea hence brought three thousand elite, simply can't stop those as if don't kill hetao soldiers, tu everyone, moon people, zero first, wolf qiang, Korea hence don't know when lyu3 bu4 hand has reached here, but at the moment, his heart has no superfluous ideas.

绫瀬しおり|Lyu3 bu4 big break xianbei, Feng Langjuxu, not only to a large extent, At the same time, also after this battle, got a lot of west cool haughty clan approbation, For some time now, Have Jiang Xu, Yang Fu, Zhao Ang, Wei Kang, Yan Wen, Yin Feng and other Yongliang celebrities recommended themselves, These people are famous people in Xiliang, but born into a powerful or distinguished family, Belonging to the outskirts of the family, But anyway, These people came into play one after another, Is also the west cool these big families on lyu3 bu4 a recognition, After all, the arrival of lyu3 bu4, the end of harmony and cool place war chaos, and governance is quite effective, most importantly, with the name of the wolf ju xu, champions hou added to lyu3 bu4 head, plus lyu3 bu4 its own strength and power, has completely qualified for a party governors.Cao cao realized his own way in his later years, so with meng de's new book, lyu3 bu4 guessed that the new word, is the core of cao cao's thought, but, by zhang song that defeated the ghost of ugliness, the masterpiece did not survive.Just falling in grant are very clear, d the eight thousand military forces south, can't be d their own personal will, lyu3 bu4 governing the military, and the prestige of the army, even d again wild, can't take away eight thousand troops without permission.

"Who dares to go?" Lyu3 bu4 looked up and chilled out, "Those who leave without permission... die!"For three days, d life is hard, in order to think of a way to break open the mayi gate, can think of a way he used, unfortunately, zhang he will keep the city, plus falling in to grant from the side, make d can't more thunder pool half a step.Giffin smell speech, look at lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 looked at d, d undiscouraged and lyu3 bu4 looked at each other, for a long time, lyu3 bu4 nodded: "you can lead the troops, but everything, when the text and mainly."绫瀬しおり|




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