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22岁女大学生猝死家中|老黑方乌密王"Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much.Quebec head did wait for urgent, however, temuzhen such a hero on the side, than on the other hand down to deal with their own more reassuring, if really can't control, then kill him, also can't let him take refuge in the hands of others, one day run to deal with yourself, that's a nightmare for anyone.Lyu3 bu4 silence for a moment, sink a track: "please khan mourning, step root treat me like a brother, if not for his day don't care about mo postscript tribe, perhaps I temuzhen already died, if khan can trust me, would like to rate military forces, step root revenge!"

Wei yan sneer at 1, broadsword rotation, a recruit dragon claw, straight to the palace, is a stuffy sound, will coss knife cloud hit, then launched a more violent attack, coss tired of parry, two people fight together, in a flash fought for dozens of rounds, wei yan stirrup help, the more fierce the knife, let coss gradually some sense of powerlessness."Master, this is cao cao wrote to xuchang urgent documents, jun army hay has been exhausted, can be broken in a few days, and now jun big army tuen and guandu, xuchang empty rear, master just need to lead hundreds of elite troops, straight on xuchang, cao" guards can't take into account, must not attack from chaos, master cause! " Xu togeher laughed.Looked at the direction of mayi, lyu3 bu4 with all returned to the camp, a title of generals in ancient times camp after the wounded settled down, will be a sad face of He Man called: "What happened? Why the old male to stop marching?"22岁女大学生猝死家中|Step root but don't know his brother at the moment of concern, in the news, he was glad to make good temuzhen is a right choice, now smiled and said: "several big tribes have begun to join hands to kill temuzhen, he has no way to go except to take refuge in us, congratulations, eldest brother, my king's court got this general, will be like a tiger's wing!"

22岁女大学生猝死家中|"Roar ~""Poof ~" coss spit out the unknown grass roots in his mouth, took a look at the direction of the tiger fastened shut, A fierce battle, wei loss how don't know, but he brought five thousand military forces has been less than three thousand, is a heavy loss, cao cao main force at the moment of the northern expedition, also can't transfer to him too many military forces stormed tiger fastened shut, the guy named wei is not weak, with this point in his hand, want to conquer tiger fastened shut, is like crazy.Quebec head by sit down quickly, narrowly escaped a calamity, the last flood rushed over, has come to the end of the force, but will be the first-class kui knocked over to the ground, didn't want his life.

Chapter sixteen three-legged trendLyu3 bu4 big break xianbei, Feng Langjuxu, not only to a large extent, At the same time, also after this battle, got a lot of west cool haughty clan approbation, For some time now, Have Jiang Xu, Yang Fu, Zhao Ang, Wei Kang, Yan Wen, Yin Feng and other Yongliang celebrities recommended themselves, These people are famous people in Xiliang, but born into a powerful or distinguished family, Belonging to the outskirts of the family, But anyway, These people came into play one after another, Is also the west cool these big families on lyu3 bu4 a recognition, After all, the arrival of lyu3 bu4, the end of harmony and cool place war chaos, and governance is quite effective, most importantly, with the name of the wolf ju xu, champions hou added to lyu3 bu4 head, plus lyu3 bu4 its own strength and power, has completely qualified for a party governors.With wine war fell to the ground, satrap mansion, suddenly rushed out of a large number of become, a knife and gun, bows and arrows on the string, lyu3 bu4 line of people surrounded.22岁女大学生猝死家中|




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