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真爱黑白配剧情分集介绍|51sole.comChapter 83 the centrifugation of Kings and ministersZhang ren eyes a folded, then drew his hand, but see liu DHS behind, a group of generals suddenly happen to coincide knelt down, not only before the dozen be detained generals, knelt down, this time from PianJiang, a captain, down to the hou, syma, for over 60 people, the whole LangZhong nahshon generals, at least half kneeling here, not kneel, are mostly not standingChapter 93 the general's doom

Xingyang, taishoufu, xiagou dun listen to the song mountain to investigate the whereabouts of the missing tiger wei scouts brought back the news, unable to suppress anger, regardless of cao cao on the side, suddenly a clap on the table, shouted: "a good hypocrisy of the big ear thief!"Well, these things need no explanation, and I have no reason to be jealous of a dead man." Lyu3 bu4 nod, the person all is oneself, followed oneself so many years, difficult way return to worry small qiao because of a dead person make what stupid thing? If so, there is no need to exist.真爱黑白配剧情分集介绍|After all, it is a new thing, is deng xian for a time also can not think of the drawbacks, also was pang tong painting out of the picture pie to captivate the eyes.

真爱黑白配剧情分集介绍|He is not a man of great ambition, or he would not have been content to be under any circumstances"Indeed, the old slave heard it himself." "Said the steward.However, it was difficult even to see liu zhang, the steward of such a small person how to see liu zhang, half an hour later, the guards can not stand the steward's soft grind, will be liu zhang

Chapter 94 pressure"Pa ~""It's you! ?" Chen looked at ford with an ugly face and shook his head. "it's impossible.真爱黑白配剧情分集介绍|




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